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Music I Liked And Didn't - 9/14/07

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VOICE OF THE SEVEN WOODS: S/T CD (B-Music) - Over the course of just a few releases the folks over at B-Music have proven themselves to be record stack rummagers and reissuers of a high order. It was, therefore, quite a surprise to learn that their latest release, this self-titled CD from Voice Of The Seven Woods, featured recordings by a contemporary project. Voice Of The Seven Woods is, essentially, the solo project of Rick Tomlinson, who plays a variety of stringed instruments (oud and sitar, in addition to guitar), piano, and miscellaneous percussion. On this release he is supported by Chris Walmsley on drums/percussion and piano and Pete Headley on electric bass and violin.

For the most part, the material on this disc continues in the tradition of the more adventurous British folk of the late 60s/early 70’s, when both individuals and select groups incorporated Eastern musical influences and exotic percussion into their sound, with “Sayat Nova” and “Return From Byzantium” being my personal favorites. There are also three tracks, however, which use awesome, Eastern-influenced electric fuzz leads and drums to increase the volume and intensity of the music, taking it from folk to psych, of which the excellent and pleasingly titled “The Fire In My Head” was the best example. While there are currently many practitioners of acid folk and retro-psych, with this strong self-titled release the Voice Of The Seven Woods moves to near the head of the pack and I look forward to hearing Tomlinson’s continuing development on future releases.

Note for Bay Area readers - Voice Of The Seven Woods will be opening for Prefuse 73 at Slim's in San Francisco on December 8, 2007.

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