Monday, June 16, 2008

Music I Liked And Didn't - 6/7/08 - 6/16/08

Adds -

ENDLESS BOOGIE: Focus Level 2LP (No Quarter) - Endless Boogie is a band with an appropriate and self-descriptive name, if ever there was one. But this ain't your father's boogie, that of the ballrooms and dance halls of the late 60's and early 70's, this is a modern interpretation, with the simple, repetitive progressions of boogie, sure, but in a much more hi-gain, loose, punk rock vein.

SILVER SUMMIT: S/T CD (Language Of Stone) - To the list of amazing acid folk/psych projects emanating from the orbit of Greg Weeks and his Hexham Head Studios (Espers, Ex Reverie, Fern Knight, Mountain Home, etc.), you can add the name - Silver Summit. On their self-titled debut, the duo of Sondra Sun-Odeon and David Shawn Bosler, supported by a stellar cast (Greg Weeks, Gillian Chadwick, Margie Wienk, and so on), delivers 10 tracks of stunning crystalline acid folk and excellent psych stylings.

Hopefully, there will be a variety of opportunities for people in Northern California to see them in early September, during their upcoming West Coast tour!

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Running Count For The Year

Adds 46/94%

Did Not Add 3/6%

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