Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Music I Liked And Didn't - 5/19/08 - 6/4/08

Adds - 5

BISHOP, ALAN AND RICHARD: The Brothers Unconnected - A Tribute To Charles Goucher & Sun City Girls CD (Abduction) - Tour Only CD. Excellent document of an excellent show/tour that paid tribute to a legendary group and their fallen comrade in sound, Charles Goucher.

FERN KNIGHT: S/T CD (VHF) - More killer acid folk and psych sounds from this mainstay of the vibrant contemporary Philly scene!

INDIAN JEWELRY: Free Gold! CD (We Are Free) - The latest from Indian Jewelry is a triumph, with an awesome mix of sounds, ranging from psychosludge to lo-fi, punkish, indie-rock, and even an neo-acid folk/pop leaning track or two.

SPECTRUM MEETS CAPTAIN MEMPHIS: Indian Giver CD (Birdman) - Certainly one of the more interesting, more Spacemen 3 sounding, and best releases from Sonic in quite a while. The tracks featuring legendary producer, Jim Dickinson (Big Star, Alex Chilton, The Replacements, Mudhoney, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, and so on), on vocals are also interesting, especially "The Lonesome Death of Johnny Ace".

ZEDEK, THALIA (BAND): Liars and Prayers LP (Thrill Jockey) - More touching, world worn ballads and rockers from this overlooked and underappreciated underground veteran and personal favorite.

Did Not Add - 1

NALLE: The Siren's Wave CD (Locust)

Running Count For The Year

Adds 41/93%

Did Not Add 3/7%

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