Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 6/7/07 - 6/12/07


SIR RICHARD BISHOP: While My Guitar Violently Bleeds LP (Locust) - Sun City Girls’ co-founder Richard Bishop returns with his fourth solo release “While My Guitar Violently Bleeds”, which contains three distinctly different explorations on guitar. The opening track “Zurvan” is a flamenco influenced improvisation that sounds very similar to the material from his 2006 album “Fingering The Devil”. The second piece “Smashana” is an out-guitar extravaganza which combines layers of droning feedback and other miscellaneous guitar destruction. Sir Richard returns to the acoustic guitar (accompanied by excellent droning tambura!) to close out the LP with an intricate and lengthy raga. “Mahavidya” begins with a relaxed pace and graceful guitar work that builds in intensity until it develops into an impressive and fiery display of both speed and precision. “While My Guitar Violently Bleeds” is a unique and well-crafted album that is Bishop’s most varied and best solo release to date.

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