Monday, October 16, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 10/7/06 - 10/16/06

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CHRISTIE, SUSAN: Paint A Lady LP (Finders Keepers) - A well-hyped issue of demo-only recordings from the early-70’s by this Philadelphia-based folk singer. While the LP’s centerpiece, “Yesterday, Where’s My Mind”, is a pretty great track, it is hardly the dawn of proto-trip hop that it’s hyped to be; that’s just an attempt at utter sales generating bullshit! Overall, a passable mix of acid-tinged folk and more mainstream pandering folkish pop that would mainly be of interest to real afficionados of the (sub)genre, like me.

RED SPARROWES: Every Red Heart Shines Toward The Red Sun 2XLP (Robotic Empire) - There’s a lot of bands doing sweeping, dramatic, cinematic rock (GYBE, Mono, and so on) at the moment and, based on their split LP with the great, Grails, and this, their latest double LP release, I’ve got to say that the Red Sparrowes are quickly establishing themselves as the new leaders of that pack. More focused than some, like GYBE, who try to be too cute and end up meandering and becoming boring and more rocking than others, like Mono, who who seem to have almost dropped the “rock” from their “orchestral rock”, Red Sparrowes strike the right balance on this solid release.

VANDERMARK 5: A Discontinuous Line CD (Atavistic) - A Discontinuous Line, is the latest blast from Chicago-based, multi-instrumentalist Ken Vandermark’s long-running and great ensemble, the Vandermark 5. It marks a new era for the 5, with cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm replacing trombonist Jeb Bishop, whose contributions to previous V5 dates I really appreciated. As always, the V5 incorporates a variety of influences to cover wide range of stylistic ground: alternating between tuneful, post-bop passages; minimal, neo-classicism; slamming rock/funk rhythms; and awesome freedom chases. Outstanding!

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