Saturday, April 15, 2006

New Adds To My Library 4/1 - 4/15/06

A rare couple of weeks - only adds, no rejects. Mostly "back filling" on Jazz titles, but whatever...

DICKEY, WHIT: In A Heartbeat CD (Clean Feed) - Clean Feed is a pretty cool Portugese label I recently discovered.

ERSEN: Dünden Bugüne CD UNDERGROUND MASTERS (FRANCE) - Another quality 60's/70's Turkish ethno-psych reissue.

GAYLE, CHARLES: Shout CD (Clean Feed) - A quiter and more structured, but still worthy, outing by the great Charles Gayle in his best format, the trio setting.

MORI, IKUE: Painted Desert CD (Avant) - Mori's drum machines provide the foundation for some pretty enjoyable dry surf guitar sonic landscapes by Marc Ribot and the late Robert Quine.

PSYCHIC ILLS: Mental Violence II 12” EP (TSR 014) - Debut 12" EP from this modern psych/kraut inspired outfit, who have a decent LP out now, "Dins", also on The Social Registry label. One track remixed by Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember.

I also purchased a lot more releases (22 in all!) whose fate I haven't yet decided. Among them new releases from Mecca Normal, Valley Of Ashes, the old-timey collection, "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" and more Jazz "back fill" by Joey Baron, Bruce Ackley, and Noah Howard. More on those later...

Raphe Malik...RIP!

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