Monday, April 03, 2006

Fuck The MLS And AEG

As a dedicated season ticket holder of the San Jose Earthquakes, I just want to say - fuck The MLS And AEG, for taking away the Quakes. This move to the greener pastures of Houston is a complete bunch of bullshit. The fact is there is no stadium deal in Houston. AEG acts like this guy Luck is some great manager, yet he bungled something as basic as naming the team. Already they've had to change their initial poor selection, The 1836. I think Horse-Thieves would be an appropriate alliteration. In addition, the new stadium in a Texas market experiment has already been tried in Dallas. They drew approximately 2,000 per game LESS than the Earthquakes, even with a winning team and their new stadium. So fuck you, again, AEG and the MLS! I won't watch a fucking match of your pathetic league until the Bay Area gets another team!

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