Thursday, January 29, 2009

Music I Liked And Didn't - 1/1/09 - 1/29/09

No proper reviews yet, though I may start writing and publishing them again soon. For the moment, here's a list (with some notations) of the new releases I've added (or not!), so far, in 2009!

Adds -

GROUP BOMBINO: Guitars Agadez, Vol. 2 LP (Sublime Frequencies) - Another great blast from the sonic-ethnographers at Sublime Frequencies. Both the acoustic A-Side and electric B-Side are equally fantastic. Honestly, one of the better releases from among the consistently high quality catalog of releases from Sublime Frequencies.

LA OTRACINA: Blood Moon Riders LP (Holy Mountain)

MV + EE With The Golden Road: Drone Trailer LP (DiCristina) - Another cool release from MV and EE, on one of the shittiest pressings of all time! Buy the CD version.

NEW FRACTURE QUARTET: 1,000 Lights CD (Multikulti Project) - Interesting new project led by Vandermark 5 (among many other projects) drummer, Tim Daisy. The group brings together long-time collaborator and veteran bassist Nate Mc Bride (in Bridge 61, with Daisy, among many other projects), along with two of Chicago's strongest young musicians, Jaimie Branch, on trumpet and Dave Miller, on guitar (2009 is shaping up to be, perhaps, a big year for the re-emergence of the guitar in Jazz, with, already, three releases that I have purchased that feature guitar in the line-up) and electronics. Excellent contemporary avant Jazz sounds in a vein somewhat similar to a scaled down Powerhouse Sound (which is led by Vandermark, includes Mc Bride, and features guitar and electronics in the mix!).

VANDERMARK, KEN (RESONANCE ENSEMBLE): Resonance LP (Not Two) - Excellent large ensemble, long form recordings of this new Vandermark-led project captured live in performance in Lvov, Ukraine on November 17, 2007. The B-Side's "The Number 44 (for Anna Czarna Adamska)" reflects, at least in my humble opinion, a notable affinity for the legendary large ensemble recordings of Charles Mingus.

V/A: B-Music - Drive In, Turn On, Freak Out DLP (B-Music)

V/A: Spiritual Jazz DLP (Jazzman) - Respectable, though not amazing, collection of "Soul Jazz" from the late 60's and early 70's. Highlights include:"Psych City" by the Ohio Penitentiary 511 Jazz Ensemble and "The Will Come, Is Now" by Ronnie Boykins.

Did Not Add -

DAKARI, ORI: Entrances CD (Tzadik) - Another release featuring the guitar within the Jazz (in a very broad sense) idiom. A well-crafted group of compositions, made by skilled musicians, to be certain, but, overall, this was just a little too smooth, too reserved, for me to add. Still, I'll be checking up on Dakari in the future, as I feel he does have the potential to deliver something truly special.

Running Count For The Year -

Adds 7/8 = 88%

Did Not Add 1/8 = 12%

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