Friday, November 30, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 11/27/07 - 11/30/07

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DAVID BUCHBINDER: Odessa/Havana CD (Tzadik) - “Odessa/Havana” by Canadian brassman David Buchbinder is the latest release in Tzadik’s long-running and consistently fascinating Radical Jewish Culture series. Although it might seem, in theory, that the fusion of klezmer music and Cuban jazz that Buchbinder and award winning pianist/composer Hilario Duran have created might come off sounding incongruous and forced, the fact is that it actually works quite well, as both musical forms share such stylistic elements as an emphasis in minor chord modalities, intricate rhythms, and so on. This successful synthesis of sounds is best displayed on tracks such as “Impresionés”, the ultra-suave “Colaboracion”, and the slow-burning, smokey “Cadiz”. The ensemble is incredibly tight throughout the set and the solo features of the principles, Buchbinder and Duran, as well as those by Quinsin Nachoff (reeds) and Aleksander Gajic (violin) are first rate. Bright and bold, “Odessa/Havana” is a unique and compelling blend of sounds that transcends genres and geography.

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