Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Music I Liked And Didn't - 10/1/07 - 10/3/07

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SAMARA LUBELSKI: Parallel Suns CD (Social Registry) - Amidst her busy schedule, providing support for luminaries such as Thurston Moore and MV and EE with the Golden Road, talented vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Samara Lubelski, somehow found enough time to craft her third solo album. While the material on this CD, as that of her previous releases, would still be properly categorized as falling under the general rubric of psychedelic folk and pop, the nine tracks on “Parallel Suns” display a somewhat sharpened sonic focus. Whereas some of the material on her earlier solo efforts reflected the more dark, lo-fi, and improvisational modern free folk approaches favored by the groups with which she has previously participated, such as Hall of Fame and the Tower Recordings, on this outing Lubelski (backed by a solid supporting cast, including members of Metabolismus, P.G. Six, and Hamish Kilgour of the Clean) has created nine tracks of polished, light, and dreamy psychedelic folk and pop that almost perfectly capture the sound and spirit of those classic and highly prized private press rarities from the 60’s. I’ll readily admit that listeners who were expecting and seeking the somewhat more experimental sounds of her earlier work may be slightly surprised and disappointed by “Parallel Suns”, but lysergic pop gems like “Taste The Candy”, “The Cloistered Palace” and “Ego Blossoms” make this disc a winner (if also a slightly guilty pleasure!) in my book.

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