Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 8/28/06 - 8/30/06

Adds -

None - Again?!?

Did Not Add -

LAS MALAS AMISTADES: Jardin Interior CD (Psych-O-Path) - Bizarre mix of lo-fi punk, psych, and stoned loner vibe that was cool when it worked, but, unfortunately, didn’t work often enough to really hold this listeners attention. Keep tryin’, maybe next time...

PTARMIGAN: Ptarmigan CD (LION) - Another hyped psych reissue that failed to deliver - what a shock!

I swear the psych reissue game is just like gambling. Everytime I’m about to decide the well has run dry and give up on future “amazing, previously unknown/rare psych reissues”, a truly great one like the Bunalim or the forthcoming Maypole comes out and renews my faith that there’s still something new under the sun, even in this tired, nearly tapped out (sub)genre. That one good hit, will then push me through another batch of mediocre, bottom-feeding, completist bait, right up until I’m about to give up and then, bam, another good one comes along and the cycle, for better or worse, repeats. I’d estimate that I’ve got about five more losers to go before the next winner...uh, great.

SEX MOB: Dime Grind Palace (Ropeadope) - After picking up their latest, the great, “Sexotica” release, I reviewed my library and found that I did not have this Sex Mob title, so I picked it up. Now I remember why I didn’t have it. When it was released I was still deeply involved with KFJC, so I’m sure I was quite aware of this release at the time and had heard it and didn’t care much for it. For the record, it is a well-conceived and unified package, as everything (from the cover art to the music) evokes images of the swinging, sleazy side of the post-WWII entertainment scene (the late nights, the booze, the drugs, the sex!) when Frank and Co, ruled the planet. And that’s imagery that I quite like. Unfortunately, I’m not too into that whole uptown, suit and tie, big, white boy, blues heavy variety of Jazz and, as a result, this release did not make the grade.

ZAKARYA: 413 A CD (Tzadik) - Third release from this French group who make the interesting (at least on paper) attempt to fuse seemingly disparate elements - klezmer, experimental music, metallic free rock, and even a little glitchy electronica. Unfortunately the misses far outnumber the hits, which, while very good, are too far and few between to merit adding this release.

Running Count For The Year

Adds 98/58%

Did Not Add 70/42%

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