Monday, July 10, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 6/24/06 - 7/10/06

Yeah, slow to update in these busy Summer days...

Adds - Mostly catching up on old releases that I found in used bins at local (and not so local) stores, but some new releases, too.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Spacegirl And Other Favorites LP (Candy Floss) - A 1995 release on the local Candy Floss label that’s a collection of b-sides, demos, and rough mixes (described by front man Anton Newcombe in the album's liner notes as being "studio trash") from the band’s early years. Nice.

BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE: Strung Out In Heaven LP (TVT) - The Spacegirl LP, renewed my interest in the BJM, so I also picked up this mid-period BJM title. More pop and higher production values than their earlier releases, but still enough droning psych-influenced tracks and post-Stones druggy rockers to satisfy.

CHILDISH, BILLY: Poems Of Laughter and Violence LP (Hangman) - Yeah, most everybody should be familar with Billy Childish’s work as the leader of such legendary raw, retro-punk outfits as Thee Milkshakes, Thee Mighty Caesars, and Thee Headcoats, among others. People may be less familar with the fact that Childish has also issued several books of poetry. This disc, as the title suggests, contains over 60 tracks of Childish’s cynical, dark, and very “real” observations on life, especially the conditions of the average working class “Joe” and his daily struggle for not only mere survival, but to find fulfillment in life. Gripping!

MAYPOLE: S/T LP (Colossus) - A friend of mine who is reissuing this LP recently turned me on to this group and their lone release from 1970. Imagine my surprise and joy, when I recently found a nice original of this nugget in a store in Santa Monica. An interesting release which reflects the changing musical times in which it was produced, featuring a mix of pop sounds, west coast psych influences, and progressive moves and production values. Overall, a cool (and overlooked) LP with a unique sound!

MIGHTY CAESARS: Don’t Give Any Dinner To Henry Chinaski LP (Hangman) - Yeah, some body must have dumped a bunch of Hangman vinyl at Amoeba in SF recently, as I also scored a copy of this late-80’s gem. Punk Rock as it should be: three chords, cheap gear, and a healthy dose of hatred and contempt for the outside world.

SPIRITUALIZED: Lazer Guided Melodies 2x12”+7” (Dedicated) - More of my recent Amoeba used vinyl binge. Somebody really dumped a lot of Late-80’s - Early-90’s UK vinyl recently - lots of stuff on Creation, Sarah, Hangman, etc. You’ll be seeing more stuff like this on my adds lists in the coming weeks.

Yeah, I always was more on the Sonic Boom side of the Spacemen 3 split than the Jason side, so, stupidly, I, in knee-jerk fashion, rejected this LP, Jason’s first post-S3 release, for years. When I stumbled upon the rare 2 x 12” + 7” version of this LP, which was exclusive to the “Chain With No Name” stores, I had to pick it up. I’m glad I did, too. Sure this is the more polished, pop oriented music that Jason has chosen to pursue since the demise of S3 (and is, therefore, nowhere as glorious as the best work of S3), but it still contains some pretty enjoyable, contemporary pop-psych.

Did Not Add -

LADYHAWK: S/T LP (Jagjaguwar) - Despite their association with the Black Mountain/Pink Mountaintops crew, I couldn’t really get into this debut LP from Ladyhawk, which seems to be inspired by late-80’s Mid-Western indie rock.

SAWYER, PHIL: Childhood's End LP (Guerssen) - This reissue of Australian Sawyer’s 1971 LP was hyped as being a lost gem of loner acid folk. Unfortunately, the majority of the material is fairly straight, mid-tempo folk that’s sadly lacking that electric acid edge. Too bad, too, as the LP was another high quality pressing from the solid Spanish imprint, Guerssen.

VARIOUS: Radio Thailand: Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom CD (Sublime Frequencies) - When this latest spate of releases from the outstanding Sublime Frequencies label came out, I thought this would be my favorite of the three. I had really enjoyed SF’s previous Thai music releases and, usually, I’ve found that the SF releases compiled by Mark Gergis are the best in the SF catalog. So, I was quite surprised that this CD didn’t hit the mark. In fact, it’s hard for me to even explain exactly why that is, but, for whatever reason, it didn’t make the grade for me.

Running Count For The Year

Adds 87/61%

Did Not Add 55/39%

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