Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Music I Liked And Didn't - 6/6/06 - 6/7/06


CONNERS, LOREN: Night Through - Singles And Collected Works 1976 - 2004 3 CD (Family Vineyard) - Conners has been a figure in the underground music scene for a long time and has over 60 releases to his credit. Unfortunately, most of these have been in micro pressings on obscure labels and, as a result, his music has not been very widely circulated. Therefore, this new compilation of tracks from singles, rarities, and previously unreleased material is a welcome addition to any collection. It provides an excellent overview of Conners’ varied musical stylings, from his broken blues, to poignant, reverb drenched, solo instrumentals, and dense, distorto, free rock improvisations. Most of the material is solo guitar instrumentals, but some tracks feature additional musicians (most notable are the two great tracks from his group, Haunted House on disc 3!) and a few have vocals (usually from his wife and long-time collaborator, ethereal chantuese, Suzanne Langille). A late night treat!

SANDOZ - Sandoz In Dub Chapter 2 Live In The Earth 2 LP (Soul Jazz) - Although much of Richard H. Kirk’s output over the years is not really my cup of tea, I’ll still readily acknowledge him for being among the leading trailblazers in the underground music scene for many years. This is his second release of dub on the fine Soul Jazz imprint and, overall, it’s pretty solid and authentic sounding. Perhaps a bit too sterile a times, but that could be expected/understood, since Kirk reached this point via experimenting with technology/electronic music, rather than through the warm, organic, sounds of Rock Steady and Reggae that influenced the genre’s Jamaican originators. Righteous!

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